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Lovin' Bloggin'....Blog Lovin'

I was so sad when I found out Google Reader was going to be no more. That's right. July more Google Reader. Let's face it...I love bloggin'...I love stalkin' blogs...I talkin' about blogs...I just love everything about it! I typically keep up with the many, many blogs I follow with Google Reader. And it's leaving?! Aiie!

It was clear I had to find a I looked around a bit and tested a couple out.... 
I decided to go with BlogLovin'
(the names just fitting...right?)

I've already moved all my Google Reader RSS Feed over to BlogLovin' and I AM lovin' it! 
S0....I'm all set. Are you?

Making the move is pretty simple. 
  1. Visit BlogLovin' and join.
  2. Go to (or just click the pic below)
  3. Click Import From Google Reader & wait while BlogLovin' does all the work for you!
This also means that from now on, we're going to have to click on THIS button to make sure the blogs are in your BlogLovin' reader. I've already got mine over there on my sidebar. See it over there? Make sure you click on it immediately to add me to your list on BlogLovin'!

I also found some other cool things you can do on BlogLovin' at Nutrionella. Click the image below to read about them!


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  2. I just added Bloglovin to my blog. Thank you for the helpful tips, I was presently surprised how smooth everything went. I hope I did it right :0/ I am new to blogging and would love some company. So, I hope you will follow me and my friend Wendie

    Thank you!
    2 Smart Wenches