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Rock N Learn Review! & Bloglovin' Hop!

Check out what arrived here at our house last week! Rock N Learn DVDs! There are four DVDs all about letter sounds and sight words. I was so happy to have the opportunity to review these! Now, I don't have access to my students right now, but I do have a granddaughter here who was absolutely thrilled when she saw me open the package!

So, we popped them in and sat down to check them out. I'll be honest...I was a little apprehensive about the DVDs being 'cheesy'. We started out with one of the sight word dvds, and I'm pleased to say that these videos really are engaging! I think they would go over quite well in a primary classroom. Piper, my granddaughter, really favored "Letter Sounds" (in fact practically begged us later to put it in for her!

In fact, she was sitting on the end of the couch watching with her headphones on, when suddenly we heard, "Double-U. |w|...|w|...|w|...wagon". We looked over and there she sat, just intently watching, and she continued on with the next few letters! And she is only THREE, folks! Just imagine what this could do for your kinders, or even some of your firsties! (I really, really like that it has the image of the lips so kiddos can SEE how the sound is made!).

Here is a little clip from the DVD:

The three sight word DVDs cover Dolch and Fry words.
  • Level 1 - all pre-primer Dolch words, the top 20 from Fry's, and more.
  • Level 2 -  all of the primer Dolch words and many words from Fry's list. 
  • Level 3 - all Dolch first-grade sight words and many from the Fry's list.
The cool thing about the DVDs is, although they kind of build upon the other, you don't need to have all three of them. You can choose the level that your students need.  Here is a clip from Sight Words Level 3.

Of course, these would be great to use with your children at home, but what about in the classroom?
I can see using the Letter Sounds one whole group in possibly a Kinder classroom, or at the beginning of the year in a First Grade room. I feel like the sight word dvds have too many words on them to use whole group and in the entirety at first. Here's how I am planning to use them:
  • Whole Group- View sections at a time to introduce and then to review words.
  • Workstations/Centers- How cool would this be at a station? I can definitely see using these at the computer station. I think my kiddos would LOVE them! And I think they would help kiddos internalize some of those words. 
Be on the look out for these at educents!  Currently, there are some Math Rock N Learn DVD sets on Rock N Learn website!
educents. I'm off to check them out at the

*Disclaimer - I received these complimentary DVDs in exhange for an honest review on my blog.*

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  1. These DVDs look great!I'm going to the site to see more. Thanks for reviewing them. I definitely have seen some cheesy ones out there! I'm following with Bloglovin!
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