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Flip Flop Swap ~ Addition to 20 Pack

I'm so excited to share this with you! How fun is this Flip Flop Product Swap?! Two bloggers swap products to try out....then get to let you know all about it! I was super lucky to get to swap with Paula from Paula's Place. I got to try out her Addition to 20 Pack. Check this out! It is packed full of awesome activities for your kiddos!

 Just a quick overview--- there are activities for
  • Subitizing
  • Rainbow Addition Facts
  • Adding All - Counting
  • Friends of 10 & 20
  • Doubles
Whew! It is packed! And it is all fabulous!!

I especially appreciate that she has subitizing & the rainbow facts in here because those are both skills that I wanted to hit a little harder this year. PeRfEcT!!

Here are some of the cards for subitizing. Paula even has included a couple different ways you can use these:
  • Memory Game
  • Snap
  • Match the Ten Frame to the numeral or number word
  • Flash Cards for a quick oral response

I'm planning on using the rainbow fact cards at a center with my new SmartPal Sleeves so kiddos can write with dry erase markers.

I'm SO glad I got the opportunity to review and share this pack with you! It certainly is a great value with all of the terrific activities that are packed into it! Go check it out! And make sure you stop over & say hi to Paula, too!

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