Gearing Up & You're a WINNER!!

Whew! I spent about 3 hours in my room tonight. We were painting the bulletin boards and doing a bit of construction work. (Who knew you'd need contracting skills to teach?! haha!). We actually primed the boards last night and put on the first coat of paint tonight. I forgot to take a before pic....but here's the after. It's a very lovely, nice crisp light blue. The name of the color is Love Birds hahaha! Don't you just love then names they come up with for paint colors?

Here's where the construction work comes in.....

This is my ninth year teaching. I've been a 1st/2nd Grade looping teacher (love it!), but this year, I'm starting a new adventure! I'm going to be teaching a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Multi-age class. But there's a twist.
I'm also team teaching with my good friend (who has moved to the classroom next to me). She's also teaching a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Multi-age class.

So...think 50 kiddos...two teachers. 

We are super excited! We're actually removing one of the wall panels between our rooms. THAT'S where the construction comes in. These wall panels are supposed to be able to fold & slide accordion-style so that you can open the walls between the rooms. But, these walls hadn't been moved in years, and we discovered that years of wax had them stuck tight! We persevered however!
Here's a pic of the wall 'gone'. I took this from the far corner of my room looking across my teamie's room. (Ignore all the other crap important pieces of furniture that will soon be in their organized places!)

Now that we've got that wall thing settled, I can get in there and really set things up! My goal is to get it all done by Monday since I have a full week of training next week, and open house is the week after. Phew!


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