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Meetin' Up in the Hoosier State!

Wow! I just can't tell you how much FUN it was to meet up with other Indiana bloggers yesterday. 15 of us met up in Speedway for over 4 hours. We enjoyed Mexican, conversations, gifts, and lots of laughter!! A great big THANKS to Heather (Teaching Through Turbulence) and Ciera (Adventures in Room 129) for organizing it all!

Oh, my gosh....these people are REAL!!  LOL It's kind of funny, but when you're blog stalking  surfing, you kinda begin thinking of bloggers as "Run, Teacher, Run" or "Rockin' Teacher Materials", don't you? So meeting people in real life was like, "'re Pencils, Books, & Dirty Looks". If you're an Indiana Blogger, you've got to make sure you meet up with us next time! (Plans are in the works, folks!).

Ciera made these super cute this adorable, or what? I know exactly where this is going in my classroom!

 There was lots of great conversation...

We played a super fun Dirty Santa Teacher Exchange. We got to choose a gift when our number was pulled (or StEaL from someone else). Lots of laughter & great gifts to choose from!
After a bit of stealing, I ended up with this awesome pack from Mrs.Goodwin from  i live 2 learn i love 2 grow.
Can't wait to dig into the book, and yes...those are super fun QR codes on the Sonoran Desert pack!

Loved meeting these terrific blogging buddies!

Me and Heather from Teaching Through Turbulence

Loved meeting all these awesome ladies & I'm so looking forward to our next meet up (perhaps Halloween?).

By the way, Ciera got the gift I brought (pictured below). It's a FREEBIE (well....assembly required!). Just click the pic & go download!



  1. I lived in Speedway for a time as a child. Too bad I don't live there anymore. It looks like you ladies had a ball! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Looks sooo fun! I'm wishing The North Texas area would have one. I know San Antonio does one and Houston does too. I don't have a big enough following to do it...yet!


  3. Brenda, it was great to meet you last week! You were one of my "celebrities" of sorts- I was thinking, "ooh! She's Primary Inspired!" Your Star Student bouquet was just so cute, too :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. That is SO sweet of you to say, Jenny! Thanks!

  4. Oh my goodness, I was just reading about all of the other teachers having Blogger meetups and was super jealous, wondering if there was an Indiana one. Looks like I just missed it!! I'm in Ft. Wayne. I'm now following you on Blog Lovin and I'm going to check out all of the Indiana teachers you have linked up! So excited!!!

    Allison Stuckey
    Facebook: Stuckey in Second

  5. It was great to meet you last week. I was so excited that you were going to be there because I know you were one of the first people to try getting all of us bloggers together on a blog hop. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement during the meet up!

    Dorothy Wilson