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Monday Made It! & Peek at My Classroom Management Plan

Yay! So excited to finally be linking up with 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It! I had so much fun last summer, and I've just not gotten my act together enough to get anything posted. Which makes me feel extremely guilty! What in the world have I been doing for the entire month of June?!?

My Made It today is actually part of my new classroom management system for next year. Actually, the credit goes to my fabulous teamie, Kelly, who came up with the idea and the plan.

Taking a cue from all of those super cute birthday crazy straws that are floating all around the blogs and pinterest, she wanted to do something similar for classroom management.....replace the balloon with a star to be awarded to "Star Students". What a great idea!

Kelly uses a clip chart in her classroom, and her plan is to set up a hierarchy of rewards using the clipchart. Something like this:
10 times on purple=bookmark
20 times=star crazy straw
30 times= star award
40 times=15 minutes of computer time
50 times=book choice from scholastic
I use classdojo in my room, but tie it into a clipchart kind of system. If you haven't checked into classdojo, you really should! My kiddos love it!! It's completely free. You input the names of your students, then each
child has a little alien avatar that shows up on the screen (they love that!). Rather than sending kiddos to clip up or down, you send them up to get positive or negative points (in our room, we called them green and red points because that's the color the points are on the screen). I love that it allows you to track specific behaviors, and that you can input those behaviors. For instance, in my classroom, kiddos may earn positive points for "Responsible", "Respectful", or "On Task". I set up negative points for "Not Responsible", "Not Respectful", and "Not Safe". (Be Responsible, Safe, and Respectful are the three rules of our school).
Kiddos' point totals show up right beside their avatar....they can end up on + or - points. I tied that in with the previous clip chart system we had used up until about October when I introduced ClassDojo. Kids wanted to know what "color" they were, and we "colored in our day" at the end of school to communicate with parents, so I wanted to keep that part of the system. We worked together to create a chart that would reflect the colors on the clip chart. Then, I turned that into a poster strip and hung it on the top of our SmartBoard.
+ 2 or more = Pink
+1 = Purple
0 = Blue
-1 = Green
-2 = Yellow
-3 or more (yikes!) = Red
You can see it in this pic...
THIS year, I am continuing with that system. We will still use ClassDojo and will "color our day" according to the chart above the SmartBoard.

BUT, I'm also adding in some new incentives, thanks to my teamie Kelly's idea! This year, we are going to Shoot for PINK!

To grab a copy of the poster, just click on the image and you can download from my dropbox. You can also grab the blacklines for the Star Student Crazy Straws over at my TpT store. Just click the cover below to head over there!

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  1. I am super eXcited about this post! What a great system to include Class Dojo! I started using Dojo last year and love it! The parent reports are a huge favorite! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I've just downloaded ClassDojo to my iphone. Will check it out over the last two weeks before winter break. Hopefully it makes life a bit easier! Thanks for the idea! It fits in well with our current plan, so hopefully just makes things a bit more seamless!

    The E-Z Class

  3. I have heard about ClassDojo before from someone else. I will have to really check it out! This is a great Idea.


  4. The crazy straws are very cute! I hadn't seen those for birthdays so you are my inspiration to go backwards and instead of making crazy straws for behavior to make them with a balloon for birthdays instead!

    Polka Dots & Teaching Tots

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea! Your stars look great!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  6. I love your Monday Made It! I love the idea of using the straws for the star students. I really need to bring back star student next year! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Rambling About Reading

  7. Those straws came out awesome. Cute!
    Grade School Giggles

  8. My kiddos and I loved Class Dojo! I set up a rewards system for the points as well! Love your Star student treats!

    Success in Second Grade

  9. All I can say is WOW! I tried Classdojo today (I had just a boys class, and they aren't the best). We went on a field trip and this made my life so easy! The kids loved it, and it was so awesome to see them whispering to each other telling each other to "sit up!" "shhh" and other things when they saw someone getting a point!

    Thanks sooo much!

    The E-Z Class

  10. I also use Class Dojo with my clip chart! I mainly use it to help me keep up with who moved up and down and why. It definitely lets me see trends in certain students and such. I'm considering eventually going only Class Dojo but I've got to get my head wrapped around that all the way still and how I'm going to execute that. I'm hearing through the grapevine that the group coming to me is going to give me a run for my money. We shall see. Cute straws too! I'm pinning this for future reference!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

  11. Such a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!
    Fabulously Inspired in First