Tour My Classroom!

Whew! This week has been a veritable whirlwind! Went camping Monday through Wednesday with the family, teacher work day & Meet the Teacher Night Thursday, spent Friday polishing things up.....and my kiddos come in on Monday!! So-- my classroom is kid-ready! Whew!

I'm linking up with A Class*y Collaboration's A Class*y Cruise Linky, and I'd like to take you on a little tour of my classroom....

So here we go!
Here's the view as you come in the door. I SWEAR my room is not this big! But I sure do wish it was as big as the camera makes it look!

New this year--- my teamie and I opened up a section of the wall between our rooms. We are teaching 1, 2, 3 Multi-age.  Think 54 kids....2 teachers. There will be lots of movement between the two spaces, and we'll be working together every day, too! Can't wait to share more about this adventure this year! can see the section over there on the right. We anchored it with filing cabinets on both sides, and a small bookshelf in front of it. Over on the right side of the opening, we put bookshelves back to back in each of our rooms. I love what we did with those plastic tubs that are stacked on top of the bookshelves! They really look so great....and all we did was line them with scrapbook paper that coordinated with our color scheme. LoVe them!

We are using the wall that's anchoring that section to post common info.  We have birthdays for all 54 of our kiddos (a freebie from That's So Second Grade)....Our PBIS rules *Be Safe *Be Responsible *Be Respectful, and our objectives board (you can grab Stephany Dillon's freebie HERE). Our schedule will also be here....but we'll have to wait until we hear about the intervention schedule, etc. 

Moving is my small group meeting area. The kiddos book baskets are on the right. Behind my macaroni table (yes--- that's what we call it!), materials and manipulatives for reading are on the right, and the math materials are on the right. Easy and accessible for kiddos to get whenever they need!
My new number posters! These are on the cabinets over the coatrack. There's also a tiny shelf between the coatrack and the cabinets. You can see my new book tubs (love the color!) here. I keep common and often used supplies here....wipes, extra glue sticks, pencils, hand sanitizer, etc. The number posters are available in my store...just click the pic to head over there!

Our Writing Center! The space above will be filled with posters and anchor charts...but we'll add these as we go.

Here's our Math Calendar Wall this year. You can check it out HERE.

And our classroom library! I wish the bookshelves were wood grain...they're a remnant of my turquoise and black theme. Oh, well....I'll replace them with wood grain as they need to be. I'm loving the look of those painted bulletin boards, too! This year, I put my alphabet line, which is part of Phonics Dance, down low so that it's more accessible for kiddos.

AND-- the piece de resistance.....
I got rid of my teacher desk!! That's right...this isn't a desk. It's my flat file.....which used to take up so much space in my room. I never could find a place to put it with which I was happy. Yet, I couldn't get rid of it, because it is packed FULL of stuff I gotta have! So--- got rid of my desk....moved that flat file over to house the stuff that needed a home (namely that big ole laptop docking station that I have to have!).  I'm telling you...just losing that teacher desk makes such a huge difference in how big the room feels!

Here's another view... you can definitely tell that it's my flat file and not a desk here.

NOW-- let's see YOUR classroom! 
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