All Treats! No Tricks!

We just got the word here that Trick-or-Treating hours have been changed from tomorrow until Friday. There's a big bunch of nasty weather coming and in the interest of safety, most towns here are postponing the trick-or-treating fun. I'm not gonna even pretend.....YAY! That makes my teacher heart HAPPY! SO much better to send the sweeties home to enjoy the fun & the recoup over the weekend!

Today, we made our Fact Family Haunted Houses. LoVeD it!! My kiddos had so much fun & it was a fabulous activity for them academically since we've just been sort of dabbling in multiplication. The turned out super cute! I do have one little pumpkin who does not celebrate Halloween. Easy adjustment...different color for the house, and people instead of ghosts.

Need a little math activity for tomorrow? You can grab the FREEBIE-- just click the cover!

Happy Halloween!