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Fun Times in MATH!

What could be more fun than PeRiMeTeR, I ask you?! Well....some super fun Math games, I suppose!

We broke out the new math games and had loads of fun playing. (Gotta love it when they think they're playing, & they're really learning!) I love games for building automaticity! Last week, I made two games to help my kiddos build automaticity with both telling time & counting money. This group was playing the JR. Edition of "Tickety Tock!". It's played just like Uno-- they can match color, or time (either the analog clock, written time (like 5:15), or phrases like 'quarter after 5'. Of course, there are Skip, Reverse, Wild, & even Draw 2 cards! Fun, fun!

There are actually two versions of this game. The Rookie Edition has time to the hour & half hour, and the JR. Edition includes time to 5 minutes and the phrases quarter-to or -til, and half past. If your kiddos can use some super fun practice reading analog clocks, you'll want to check this game out! (Just click the pic below).

 Kiddos don't seem to have enough of an opportunity to practice counting money to truly gain automaticity with it. Back in the day, mom & dad would give us some change to walk down to the store & buy some candy or gum. Or in the store, they'd give us some coins to make our own little purchase. Kids just don't seem to get that opportunity any more. Kids don't walk down to the corner store anymore, & when mom & dad are shopping, they pay with the debit card most likely.

I didn't get a pic of the group that was playing the money counting game, Cha-ching!, but they were also having a blast! (I'm telling classroom was busy and QUIET! They really were engaged!) Now, my kiddos' money counting abilities vary widely, so I made three versions of Cha-ching! ALL of my kiddos can play the same thing at their own challenge level. Gotta love that! Most of my kiddos are ready for the regular edition, which includes $1 & $5 bills with amounts between 68 cents and $6.81. There are some who are still working on counting within a dollar, and they are using the JR. Edition (which I don't tell them, of course). The values on this game are between 35 & 84 cents, and the amounts are written in both cent and dollar notation.

I also have the Rookie Edition, which I'm not using this year, but I'm sure I will at some point! The Rookie Edition only includes pennies, nickels, and dimes with coin collection values between 5 and 31 cents. If you'd like to take a closer look, click on the pic to get more details.

We have been super busy the last week or so exploring area & perimeter. And we're mastering it! (Win, win!) Yesterday, we used Adventures of Room 209's Farm Frenzy Perimeter Project. Check these out! Each kiddo gets to choose 5 new animal pens for the farm, figure out the perimeter for each, then determine how much wood the farmer needs to buy to build all of the pens.

It's shaping up to be a great week! Next up, we have Halloween festivities!


  1. Those games look great!! I would never be able to use the money one (regardless of currency, our smallest coin is 10c), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the time game!!!

    The E-Z Class

  2. Wow! These look like super fun and easy games for practice! Thanks for sharing.