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The Array of the Day!

Back when my own children were in the third grade, their teacher did what she called "The Array of the Day" (but you have to read that with a fake super serious voice. hahaha!) I hear that every time my kiddos work with arrays in the classroom...."The Array of the Day".

Today, we played Fern Smith's fabulous Arrays Multiplication Games. What a terrific way to begin multiplication! I am a true believer of using games as as instructional tool. Sometimes, it seems as though kiddos learn without even knowing it! Of course, that can only happen with well thought out and designed games! And of course, Fern does that.

Another thing I really like about this pack is that it can be used in multiple ways... You can play Go Fish, Concentration, & Old Maid. Go Fish is a favorite, so we played that way.

What a great way to introduce multiplication or provide extra practice! Love it!

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