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Welcome to the Long i Party!

Hope everyone has recovered from trick-or-treating and the aftermath of too much candy and too little sleep! I'm spending my day watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel (yes-- I know Thanksgiving is next...but there are just not very many Thanksgiving movies!) and working on my plans for next week.

My little pumpkins will be moving on to the long i sound: igh, y, and ie. I just finished a little pack that will take us through the week. My, oh my! It's a Pizza PIE!

In addition to the poster, here's what you'll find in the pack:
  • Read the Room pizza pieces and recording sheet
  • 3 Build-a-Word Sheets (one each for creating igh, y, & ie words
  • Word Sort 


  1. Really would help my ones that are struggling in Phonics!!

  2. Looks adorable!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  3. Looks fabulous!

    The Elementary Professor