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Reaching those GOALS!

My kiddos have been working hard toward increasing their reading level. (We use Fountas & Pinnell book levels in our room). My fabulous teamie & I came up with the goal setting sheet below. We meed with each child, and he sets his own goal. Kiddos also develop their own plan for reaching their goal.

Right now, I'm working on goal setting with each of my sweeties. For the most part, they've done really well at setting realistic goals. There were a few who insisted they could move from E to M (for example) in only 8-9 weeks...but I talked them down some. When we meet the second time, I do a quick benchmark, & then we talk about whether he's met his goal or still working on it. They LOVE getting to color in both the smiley face and the bar across the bottom to show their movement through the levels! If you'd like a copy of the goal setting sheet, just click & download!

When kiddos get to help build an anchor chart, the concept or skill becomes so much more meaningful. It really is powerful. We all worked together to create a list of things that would help us reach our goal. Without any prompting from me, they came up with:
  • Read every day for at least 20 minutes.
  • Practice our strategies.
  • Practice sight words.
They also added "Read about 50 books at your level to get ready for the next one". (haha! Can you tell that I've told them that one or two times?)..I worked the poster we made in class into a neat and tidy ready-to-be-printed poster. They listed the strategies....and I added pics of each one.
If you'd like to grab a FREEBIE of the Reaching That Goal poster, just click on the pic below and download!

I'd love to hear more ideas for helping children set goals and work toward them. What ways do you find successful?


  1. Love the poster! wonderful idea. I also really like the kids goal chart that they keep. Any chance on getting it????? LOL

    1. Yup!! I just linked it up! Please head back to download!

  2. Love that your kiddos are making their own goals....and thank you for sharing the poster! Love it! :)


  3. This is exactly what I need to help my class with their goal setting -- I love the poster and goal setting sheets. Thanks so much for sharing.