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Thanks for the Feedback...I Think!

Wow! Julia Cook has some of the most amazing books out there! I was familiar with a couple: My Mouth is a Volcano... A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue.. But, oh my goodness!...she has an astounding number of truly great books! I love that they each have a lesson for children. You can guess what the messages are for My Mouth is a Volcano & A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue.

I was truly excited when I found this title:
Thanks for the Feedback, I Think

Click on the book cover to head over to Julia Cook's website!

This book helps kiddos learn how to accept a compliment & how to deal with criticism. Now, that's something even lots of adults would find helpful! Sometimes it IS hard to accept a compliment, isn't it?
In this book, the little boy RJ

I really appreciate how it fits with the goal setting we've got going on in my classroom. I've started with Reading Goals, with the intention of adding Math & Writing Goals. Each child & I sit down to talk about where they are, & where they want to be by a certain date. Then each child comes up with a plan to help them get there. As a class, we've created an anchor chart to help us with ideas for that (which you can grab by clicking on the pic of it below).

Of course, as part of that conversation,  sometimes have to give some constructive feedback (some of them need to be talked down...haha...moving from E to L in 8 weeks is probably not a realistic goal). I love this line from the book....RJ's parents tell him, " is a good thing. It's information that can help you improve and grow. Most of the time when a person gives you feedback, it doesn't make you feel good. But that's the price you have to pay for growing.".

I can see us re-visiting this book several times as we continue to refine our goal setting & have those conversations. I can even see us working together to create a chart. Really--- isn't accepting compliments and feedback at the very base of being able to achieve the goals we set? This book has a very powerful message.

Are you interested in Cooking up a Caring Classroom? You really need to learn more about Julia Cook's books!


  1. What a great post!!! I will have to add this one to my cart! The goal setting chart is great. Thank you!

  2. What a great collection! Some of these titles are new to me. I'll have to look them up :)