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Thanksgiving Writing Center

 I debuted our new writing workstation today. I am a firm believer in giving your class ownership by letting them help with decision making in the classroom. We do lots of Plus/Deltas: what do you like, what would you like to change. Several weeks ago, they told me they'd like to do some writing as part of our workstation time, so we met as a group, and put all of their ideas on a chart. They had tons of ideas for the types of writing they could do at the station: books, poems, letters....

They also had the brilliant idea of putting all of those writing choices into a big basket or tub, and having kiddos draw one out to discover what writing task was going to be completed. Is that not a brilliant idea? LOVE it!

So-- my writing workstation pack was born. It's really a print & go workstation. Everything you need is ready to go. There are 30 writing tasks (and blank discs so you can add your own), a selection of Thanksgiving themed writing paper (both full sheet and with an illustration box), recipe cards, and paper for each of the acrostic poem tasks. Rather than having slips of paper, I put each writing task on a cute little disc, and attached each one to a craft stick (along with a coordinating back) & arranged them all in a cute little pail. Kiddos just pull a task.

Today, we did a little practicing and all used the same task. Today, we pulled "Draw a picture of your family at Thanksgiving and write about it." I can't wait to read some of their recipes!

If you'd like to check this Writing Pack out, just click the pick below! It's going to be on sale for a few days!

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