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A Day Our Way ~ a Schedule Linky!

Who doesn't love checking out others' daily schedules? I'm always looking for ways to maximize my time, and I love looking at how others schedule their day to see how they schedule their day.
Where the Wild Things Learn is hosting A Day Our Way Linky Party, and I'm excited to join in! Here's a look at our day:

Students enter any time between 8:00-8:15 and our announcements are at 8:15. During this time, kiddos complete their Agenda Math, book shop, and do independent reading.

Our day is different than most because I teach a 1, 2, 3 Multi-age, and I actually co-teach with another teacher & another classroom. Think 54 kids...2 teachers. In the morning, I teach 1st/2nd grade reading & writing, & my teamie teaches 2nd/3rd grade reading & writing. So there are lots of kiddos transitioning through the day. See that opening there between our two rooms? We actually refer to the two as ONE room...two sides. My side and my teamie's side. Hang we go.

8:30-- All of my 3rd graders & some 2nd graders line up at the door to go next door for Reading, while firsties & a few 2nd graders are lining up at the opening between our two sides to come over to my side of the room.
We start our day with a read aloud as part of the Reading Focus Lesson, then continue with Reading Workshop until 9:15.

9:15-- I do a quick focus lesson, & then we begin our Workstations. We do two rotations each day (except Friday).

10:00-- We do a grammar focus lesson or activity.

10:15-11:00-- Writing min lesson followed by writing workshop.

11:00-- ALL of my reading kiddos line up at the opening between the two rooms, while the 3rd graders and a few 2nd graders are lining up at the door of the other side to transition to Math. Those who just left my room head out to recess & lunch. While the kiddos coming in to my room get started on Math (are you still with me?)

11:05-11:25-- 3rd grade Math on my side of the room. We start out with some math warm ups, & I do the focus lesson for the day's math activities. At 11:25 all of these kiddos head out for recess & lunch.

12:15-1:00-- Upon return from lunch, we get started with Math Workshop. Most kiddos complete independent work at their seat while a small group comes to me to work. When those doing independent work finish, they either go to their assigned Math Workstation, or make a choice, according to the day's chart.
You can read more about how I use the Workstation/Choice Chart and even grab a FREEBIE of it over on Who's Who & Who's New!

1:00-1:30-- Depending on the day & the current project, we either continue math or transition back to our homerooms for Project. Projects include our Social Studies & Science integrated with the other academic areas. Our current project is Social Studies, & we're using the resources from this stupendous resource bundle currently available on educents. Can't wait to see what my kiddos come up with!

1:30-- We color our day, & get ready to travel to specials.
2:25-- As we return from specials, everyone stops by the coatrack to pick up their backpack & coat and returns to their seat to pack up.
2:35-- Dismissal
Whew!! What a day!
Make sure you click that little button at the top of this post to head over to Where the Wild Things Learn and check out the other daily schedules!

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