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Movies to Get BRAINS Moving! LINKY Party!

I LOVE using movies in the classroom! You can find movies or video clips on just about any topic. I really like using them to front-load information. My classroom is almost 50% ELL, and the visual aspect of using video in instruction is extremely important. (And you know what they say...what works for for many!). It's really true....movies can get brains moving!

I also try to present information in multiple ways: model myself, do a mini-lesson, have kiddos do an activity on computers, and watch a video clip. Multiple means of engagement. My district is big on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The basic idea is if a lesson is designed with the needs of all of your students in mind, then instruction is accessible by all. Using video or digital clips in the classroom helps make instruction accessible for all of your students.

Which got me to thinking.....I'm diligently planning our next project, which is famous Americans. I am super excited. Each one of my little sweeties will have a historical figure to research. I've been gathering resources and thought I'd share some of the 'movie' resources I've collected.

Check this out! You can find Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents on Youtube! This brought back some memories! Wouldn't your kiddos get a kick out of this?

Have you ever heard of the animated series "Liberty's Kids"? I love using these in my classroom. It really brings a new level to historical events for kids. And kids love it! This one is about The Boston Tea Party, but you can find 31 other episodes on YouTube covering lots of other events.

There's also a great animated series called Animated Hero Classics which you can find on YouTube too. Here's an awesome one about the Wright brothers.

 and here's one about Alexander Graham Bell...

 Of course, you can't forget about Schoolhouse Rock! Here's one about women's suffrage and Susan B. Anthony.

Do you use movies to get your students' brains moving? I'd love to learn more about them!
Share some of your favorite videos, digital clips, and sources! Please grab the button up on top to add to your post & link back!

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