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Bright Ideas...Choice in the Classroom

My Bright Idea? Implementing CHOICE in the classroom! 
I'll be honest. I used to be afraid of it, but providing kiddos CHOICE in the classroom has made a huge difference.

  • Gives students a greater sense of control = happier, more actively involved students
  • Increases engagement and motivation = more attention to work, more meaningful learning
True story!

You can offer choice all kinds of ways & at all kinds of times in your classroom. The easiest and most effective is during your workstation or center time.

Planning for CHOICE during workstations.
Step 1 - Think about the skills you want your kiddos to practice during the week.
Step 2 - Make a short list of the activities that fit each skill. 
Step 3 - Decide how OFTEN you want kiddos to practice each skill. This will help you determine how many activities to set up for each skill. 

Here's what it looks like when I'm planning:
Step 1 - Skills
  1. Variant vowels oo/ou
  2. Irregular Verbs
  3. Sight Words 
Step 2 - Activities that fit the bill
  1. Rainbow Words, Word Sort, Roll & Write, Boggle
  2. Go Fish game, Concentration game
  3. Tally & Graph, I Spy Sight Words, Go Fish game
Step 3 - Frequency = The number of opportunities 
  1. Phonics Skill - DAILY = 4 activities offered, but only 2 out per
  2. Grammar Skill - 2 times (since we do whole group activities during the week) = 2 activities - both out 3 days
  3. Sight Words - DAILY = 3 activities, all out each day
 Do you implement student choice? I'd love to hear more about how it works in your classroom! Have you been thinking about providing choice in your classroom? Stay tuned...this is going to be an ongoing series.....we'll be talking about how it looks in different classrooms, the physical logistics, training your kiddos, and much more!

Ready for MORE Bright Ideas?
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