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Bright Ideas- Make Your Life Easier!!

We do lots of activities in which we lace or string with yarn. If you're primary, I bet you do too! Has this ever happened to you?
AAAaaargh! It can make you want to pull your hair out! All that fraying & unraveling....and then everyone's yarn starts doing it! Here's an easy trick that will make your life easier! You can actually create a tip on the end of your yarn which will keep the yarn from fraying & make your life so much easier!

Step 1: Gather the supplies you'll need: yarn cut to your desired length, glue, and a container for the glue (I like to use a paper plate - easy clean up!)

Step 2: Dip one end of the yarn into the glue. Make sure you have a good coating on the entire end of the yarn.

Step 3: Drape the yarn over the edge of a table so that the ends do not touch. Make sure to place something on the floor under the yarn. (I learned this the hard way....don't come back in the morning to a mess of drips on the floor!). I like to use those plastic tablecloths. (They're also good to use for messy projects like painting --- just roll the whole kit & kaboodle up when you're finished and toss it all!).

Step 4: Let them dry over night, and in the morning, you're all set for E.A.S.Y lacing or stringing!

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