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Fairy Tale Land

This week we capped of our Fairy Tale unit with a super fun 
Fairy Tale Land!
Oh my goodness! So much fun!
Kiddos learned about fairy tales and the characteristics of a fairy tale, we did some compare/contrast activities as a whole group, then they each got to choose a fairy tale for their project.

You all know I'm a big believer in offering kiddos choice...for this project presentation, they got to choose between doing:
  • puppets
  • a poster
  • dressing up like a character
to show their learning. All presentations had to include:
  • Characters & Setting
  • Problem & Solution
  • Summary or Retell
 We presented to each other in preparation for the big event: other classrooms came in to tour our Fairy Tale Land! My kiddos LOVED it! I loved that it gave them an authentic opportunity to think about and talk about those concepts like retelling, problem/solution, and character setting!
Here are some pics from the big event.....

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