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Sight Words - A New Spin

Primary PossibilitiesSo super excited to share this product with you! I'm super glad I had the opportunity to try out Stephany Dillon's Newspaper Word Work. Stephany is one of the voices behind Primary Possibilities (which just happens to be one of my faves!) I am so lucky that I got to trade with Stephany!

This activity pack is just SO fun! I'm always on the lookout for engaging activities for my kiddos' workstations. Of course, they have to be both engaging AND effective!

And this one fits the bill! 
  • They get to use a newspaper (oooh! aaahhh!)
  • They get to use highlighters (oooh! aaahhh!)
  • They get to use a magnifying glass (squeals of delight!)
 And of course, I love that they are getting plenty of practice with word study skills. There are options in this pack for phonics, for compound words, contractions, and even parts of speech. There are actually two different ways the activity sheets are used.
  1. Kiddos search the newspaper for words that fit the phonics or word pattern that you're working on. After highlighting, each word is written on the recording sheet. 
  2. Kiddos search for words that belong in a category (like compound words, nouns, contractions, etc.). They cut each word out & paste it on the recording sheet. 
You can grab a sampler of this amazing activity pack simply by clicking on the image above.

 Love what you see & want to grab the full version of Newspaper Word Work? Click the cover image below to head over to TpT!

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