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Sight Word Practice Isn't So Puzzling!

This is one of my kiddos' favorite sight word stations!  I love that it builds not only sight word recognition...but fluency as well!
At the workstation, kiddos turn all of the puzzle pieces over. Then, taking turns, they read the word on the back of one of the pieces. If the word is read correctly, they get to turn the puzzle piece over. Here's where the fluency comes into play-- they cannot begin to assemble the puzzle until ALL the words have been read and ALL the puzzle pieces have been turned over. That gives them motivation to read all of the words quickly. Sometimes, there's enough time during the rotation to do the whole thing again...this time they have to read and turn the pieces over even more quickly!

I also love that it's an easy prep center. All you have to do is write the sight words on the back of the pieces, and you're all set! For storage, I cut the picture off the box (because you've got to be able to see the picture to put the puzzle together, right?), and just keep that and the pieces in a Ziploc bag. Easy peasy!

The most difficult part of prepping this center is getting the puzzles. Here are some places to look for children's puzzles:
  • your own closets at home
  • the dollar store
  • Goodwill
  • friends may have puzzles they'd love to donate
  • send a note home asking if parents have any puzzles they'd like to donate to the class
I sent a note home a couple years ago, and one family sent in all of these puzzles! JaCkPoT!!



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