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#easydaysies in the Summer!

A few months ago, I was introduced to Easy Daysies. Easy Daysies is a really cool magnetic schedule for kids. I used the Classroom Version at school the last month or so, & I've been using the Home version for the last couple months. I thrilled to meet Elaine Tan Comeau at EdExpo this spring and learn more about Easy Daysies. I knew right away that this was a tool that would help in my classroom! Easy Daysies is a magnetic schedule...there is a magnet for each task. As kiddos complete the task, they get to move it over to the DONE! side. As Elaine explained, kiddos get the same satisfaction moving that we do as adults crossing that item off on our to-do lists! Now that's satisfaction, folks! 
I had a child with autism in my class last year, and he was all about notes. Notes and reminders on post-its, plastered all over the side of my file cabinet. His 'remember wall', he called it. I knew Easy Daysies could take him a step further-- organize all of those notes on the 'remember wall' into a more organized system. I loved that the magnets could be moved from one side to the other: from 'coming up' to 'DONE!' 
We also used the Classroom Set for the whole class. I love that they're on nice, sturdy magnets. To be honest, I've actually made similar cards before and placed magnets on the back...but these are so much nicer than an individual can make, & so much sturdier. I like that I'm able to write the time of each activity beside the let me make little tweaks to the schedule as needed (you know what they say....'the best laid plans'). 
Posting the schedule helps kiddos have a smoother day
They have both PreK-K & 1 & Up Editions functions like a cueing system. I love that there are visual representations on each card, too. Children become more cooperative, independent, and feel less anxious knowing what the day will look like and what is happening next. It is GREAT for kiddos with special needs! Does that sound like a win-win to you? It sure did to me! To further cement my excitement about how well Easy Daysies was going to is recommended by child psychologists and occupational therapists! Awesome!

I was also intrigued by the Home Version. I happen to live with a strong-willed, stubborn...ahem...independent-minded child. Can anyone out there relate? Here's the Top 5 features for families:

  • Helps families feel in control of their hectic days
  • Eliminates nagging and helps you get out the door faster
  • Lessens anxiety for both parents & children
  • Helps children be more cooperative, independent, & confident
  • Teaches an essential life skill: There are things to be done in a day & getting them done is the reward
They're right on the money when they say that kiddos enjoy using their magnetic schedule. We're all out of our regular schedules now with summer here and that sometimes can throw kiddos for a loop. Schedules are all off...we're doing activities and going places we don't normally do...and the routine changes day-to-day (in fact, at my house, I'm not sure we could say we even have a routine in the summer! HAHA).

And with the add-on packs, you can customize it to your family. Start with the Every Day Starter Pack, which has magnetized board & the every day general task magnets. Then, depending on your family's needs, you can add on the Get Dressed & Bathroom Routine Pack, the Chores & Special Times Pack, or the Family & Extra-Curricular Activities Pack. I encourage you to check them out....using Easy Daysies really has made for a happier home. Piper (who is 4), just loves taking care of her 'checklist' as she calls it...& it has met her need to be fully in charge! HA! Raise your hand if you have one of those at your house!

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