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Remind Me...

Oh my a parent, I know exactly how it feels to find out information from school at the last minute, or even after the fact. Out of my four children, 50% were horrible at getting information home from school. I'm not sure if there was a black hole in there backpack (I suspect this was the case!)....but it certainly was a mystery! Let me share a couple of my "I didn't get the memo" experiences....

  • Once, while checking out at the grocery store, another parent asked me, "How's the Social Studies project coming?" My response? "Uhhhhhhh....WHAT Social Studies project? When is this project supposed to be turned in?" Turns out it was due the next day.....and it was a HUGE project. THE project for the 9 weeks. Yikes!
  • Teacher calls me at home: "You have not returned Billy Bob's (names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent) report card. School ends in six days, & I need it to record his grades". I.TORE.UP.THE.HOUSE looking for that report card. Finally, I determined it MUST be in Billy Bob's desk at school and accompanied him to school to investigate. Of course, there it was....along with a multitude of other notes that I had missed. There were notes in there from all the way back at HALLOWEEN! Did you catch the part where this was SIX DAYS before the end of school? Halloween was a LONG time ago, friends. It would have been nice to know about the Spring Picture Day...or the class party....or have had to opportunity to order the school yearbook! Ugh!
Last year, I tried out a whole new way to help parents out with notes and reminders. I posted all about it over on Class*y Collaboration. Come on over and read all about it. And share some of the ways you get information to families.....I'm always looking for more!

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