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Set Up a Classroom FAST!!

 So -- my daughter finished her degree/certification in May and went on the job hunt. After a stressful, grueling (you know the feeling...right?) summer and a rather intense interview process.....

hApPy! HaPpY! OFF THE CHARTS EXCITED!  But the kicker? 
First day of school is only NINE DAYS AWAY!! EEK!

It happens a lot, though...doesn't it? Lots of times, people get jobs just days or even THE day before school starts. Heck....this year, my school actually hired two people AFTER the first day! Talk about whirlwind...right?! You've got to get the room set up, get your procedures in place, and don't forget the most important thing.....get your plans ready!!

The room needs to go up and go up FAST so you can get focused on those procedures and plans! We turned to our friend, Creative Teaching Press. They have complete & extensive collections of beautiful designer decor pieces for classrooms. It's like an awesome one-stop-shop for everything you need to get your classroom set up. If you know me, you know I LOVE my Dots on Turquoise...but Jenna chose the Black & White Collection for her room. She paired it with purple and I have to admit that I love the clean, crisp look!

Fabric on the bulletin board & the border goes up.

I love the look of the layered borders! It looks great with purple, but it would look great with just about ANY color!

She put the calendar and the math focus wall up in front beside the interactive white board. I'm a big fan of the bright, bold colors! Can you see the edge of the birthday wall over on the right? Love that big blue paisley cupcake! Jenna did something I need to do...She used the jumbo library pockets to store the calendar pieces right by the calendar. (I put all of mine in my flat file...then can't find them when I need them!).

Of course, you've got to have a goals & objectives wall.
And student self-assessment is oh-so-important. She used Adventures in Room 129's self assessment board. How cool is this?! (And how gorgeous is that border?!).

Awesome that the collections have so many coordinating pieces! It takes all the guess work out of making those decisions when you're standing in that teacher supply store! Here's her alphabet headers for her word wall, for instance. We just glued the graphics on Creative Teaching Press's Designer Cut Outs. Just gorgeous!

Of course, you need a job chart....
Check out those flowers to the right. The teacher before her had these neat sunflowers by the closet door and outside her classroom door. Jenna decided why not keep the vinyl up there and use the sunflower stems as the stems to her Black & White Jumbo Flower Cut Outs? Neat..right?! 

There were also vinyl flowers in vases up above the cabinets. The smaller BW Flower Cut Outs work there perfectly! Isn't that adorable?

And speaking of those flower cut outs...I love this little tweak. There was this empty VCR shelf under the mounted TV. Kind of an eyesore, really...but definitely distracting. Jenna bundled up some silk leaf garland and tucked in a few of those flower cut outs to help it blend in a bit. Super cute....right?!

We got this room set up & ready to roll in just TWO days...and that was just working on it 3ish hours each day! The designer decor sets and all the coordinating pieces make it SO easy to get your classroom set up quickly, easily, & beautifully!! Seriously. New teacher...right out of the gate...TWO DAYS! Gotta love Creative Teaching Press! She felt so relieved to get that part taken care of so she could focus on setting her procedures and start working on those PLANS!

I did tweak a few things just for her classroom to fit her color scheme. She has the Calendar Math Pack in purple & black...we also re-did the Classroom Number Line Posters in black & white. And, of course, the Animal Word Wall headers are there, too. 

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