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I mustache you know about Movember?

Raise your hand if you already knew about Movember. (Seriously - leave a comment below!).
If your hand didn't go's some brief info about the Movember movement. Movember is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues like prostate or testicular cancer. The goal of Movember is to
"change the face of mens' health".

I'm super excited to partner up with Creative Teaching Press to raise awareness of Movember in the teaching world since Movember is an awareness initiative that hits very close to home for my family. My dad was a victim of prostate cancer and lost his battle with the disease five years ago. Prostate issues are often something that mean ignore - not seeking medical attention until the disease had progressed. By the time my dad spoke to his doctor about the issue, he was already at Stage 3. 
It's so important that men (& their families) be aware of their risks of these diseases --- one of the reasons I believe Movember is so important! 

My brother, husband, & son participate in Movember each year. In addition to growing mustaches to raise awareness, participants can participate on the Movember website to raise money for the cause. Take a look at this video that my brother (who works for Redbull) created for more information. Just click on the pic below to watch the video. And please share with your male family members & friends! 

Like I said, I was super excited to learn that Creative Teaching Press wanted to help raise awareness about Movember & men's health. As you can tell from the pics of my family...we've been having some fun using them to help promote Movember! We'll be posting more on social media all through the month. And look at all the goodies CTP sent me to help with the effort! 

Would you like to win a similar pack of fan'stache'stic CTP stuff??!
Just start entering down in that little rafflecopter & cross your fingers!!

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