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Just a little overwhelmed....

Anyone else feel like they could use a personal assistant? And I'm not even talking about the  dishes, laundry, & cooking here at home (although it would be MARvelous to have an assistant for that! Hint! Hint! Mr. PrimaryInspired!). Am I the only one who is feeling positively, absolutely
& exhausted 
this year? 
It's NOT just me .... right? It seems like we just have so many new things on our shoulders this year: new assessments to administer, new instructional strategies that are to be implemented, new meetings we're expected to attend, not to mention a new state assessment to administer (which we have not seen)....just too many news to keep track of! 
You too?

Phew! Just a little...stressed, I'd say. I've decided the prescription to combat this feeling of being overwhelmed comes in just two words:
I snapped a picture of my desk as I left my classroom this evening. If this isn't a sign of someone who needs organization & balance, I don't know what is! 

One of my first steps toward overcoming this stress is to tame this disorganized mess! can you not feel overwhelmed when you're faced with this each day? My good friend, Jen, over at 4mula Fun has an awesome series on her blog about organization. I've gotten some great ideas for getting my classroom under control. I am so looking forward to getting in there & whipping it back into shape.
Now. As far as balance......I have some ideas, but I admit that I need some more ideas! 
How do you achieve balance? How do you balance everything that's expected of you & keep all of the plates spinning successfully? Please share below! I'd love to hear!

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