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EDExpo 2015 *TOP 10!

Wow! I had the opportunity to attend EdMarket Association's EDExpo a couple weekends ago......and would not believe how many truly awesome, innovative products that are out there! A group of 50 bloggers were invited to tour the floor & select our Top 10 products. Those 50 lists were all compiled & tabulated into an overall Top 10. Here are the Top 10 products that earned an 'Eddy Award'. You are going to love these:

Touchtronic Numbers & Letters from Junior Learning
Combine physical & digital with these cool letters and numbers that work with an app to make learning come alive. The app includes games for teaching letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and word building. 

The Reading Game
I loved how this game supports early reading skills! Kiddos play a game to learn the words....the words then are moved in to phrases & sentences....and then it all leads to reading a book into which all the words are built. 

Say It!
This is a super fun game that supports vocabulary acquisition. (And here's a's fun for adults as well as students!).

We have a tie for 4th Place:
Boinks Fidgets!

The F.U.N. Empty Number Line System from Learning Advantage
Lovin' this awesome product for math instruction. Empty number line can be difficult for kiddos...and this makes the concept hands on for students. 

 Math Bands from Learn in Style
Helping kiddos master math fact fluency....

 Busy Fingers from Fiddle Focus
These are going to be valuable additions to classrooms for kiddos who have sensory processing or even attention issues.

Pencil Grips
I really like how this company actually has a progression of grips that move kiddos toward the proper pencil grip. Start with the first one, which has more support & holds kiddos' fingers in place...move to the next one, which has a little less support than the first one...& the last one that allows kiddos more freedom, but still requires them to hold the pencil correctly.

Circuit Sticker Books from Chibitronics
Love me some STEM! I am super excited about the possibilities of this one!

And another tie for Number 10.....
Kapla Blocks from Tom's Toys
The construction plank for big & small...

Cool Circuits from Science Wiz
Lay down a puzzle card & solve the challenge by making a loop, & watch the board light up!

Ready to check these out more closely for YOUR classroom?
Stop by EdMarket & check out the zip code searchable database for retailers near you!

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