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Bunnies A-Go-Go FREEBIE!

Today is the last day of my Spring Break. Sad face.
But guess what?! That means I only have 9 weeks + 4 days  (+4 because we have 4 snow days to make up) left until summer! Aaaaaand....we're not even going to talk about how stressed that makes me right now....only 9 weeks +4 days to get A LOT of stuff in!

Anyway -- enough about all of that. I just figured out last night that Easter is only TWO WEEKS away! (Time sure does fly, doesn't it?). I've pulled this color-by-place-value activity mini-pack for my kiddos to work on in the next couple weeks, & thought I'd share it all with you!

So here's my little Happy Spring gift for you! Just click the image below to download from my dropbox!

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