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Scratch Off & WIN! In Math? Yep!

Disclosure: This product was provided by the company for review. Following is the blog owner's an honest opinion regarding the product.

Have you seen these cool Scratch Off Stickers from Eureka? When I first saw them in the store, I thought, "My kiddos will FLIP over these!" I was super excited when Eureka asked me to test them out in my classroom! There are just SO many ways you can use these in your classroom....

My first thought was as a behavior management tool. How fun would it be to make up little cards with a variety of rewards? SUPER fun, of course! And SUPER exciting! It's super easy.....just type up your text, place the sticker over the part you want them to reveal. I just used the same rewards I normally do in our classroom: things like "Extra Tech Time" and "Lunch in the Room".

And scratching them off? It's like winning the lottery! Talk about wouldn't believe how motivated my kiddos were to earn one of these little cards!

Now-- here's the part that I think is REALLY exciting......check out how I used the stickers in our math instruction. We're working on fractions -- specifically equivalent fractions and naming whole numbers as fractions. We're also really big on student choice in my school, so I wanted to make sure that I incorporated choice in the activity.

Each kiddo got a card that asked them to create an equivalent fraction for...........the fraction that's under that little gray square! Eeek! How exciting!! It's like winning the fraction lottery! Right in class! Seriously! I enjoyed listening & watching my kiddos excitement as they scratched off that little gray rectangle to reveal the fraction. So fun! After revealing the fraction, kiddos got to decide whether they would represent the fraction using clay, drawing a picture, or using manipulatives. The cool thing is, they were so engaged in the activity, that most of them ended up representing their fraction all three ways! Win! Win!

Take a look at this smart math....

I'm telling you...just adding those little scratch off stickers amped up the engagement and increased their involvement, Did you see that picture of equivalent fractions up there?! Now, that's like winning the lottery!

I'm super excited that Eureka is also going to give three of YOU your own set of these handy, dandy little scratch off stickers! You're going to LOVE them!! Three people are going to win two sets of the stickers. They come in packages of 150, so there will be plenty to keep you and your kiddos busy!

Just enter your info in the Rafflecopter widget down there & cross your fingers! I'm crossing mine for you!

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