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I Read to Write - Evidence Based Writing

I have to share this awesome resource with you! A few months ago, the folks at Zaner-Bloser asked me to try out their new I Read to Write product......& I am here to tell you I. LOVE. IT! 

We're really working on close reading, finding evidence, and citing evidence in their writing. Boy - is I Read to Write perfect for all of that! 

Here's what I love about it:
  1. 17 different articles/texts in content areas: Science, Social Studies, and Math.
  2. LOTS of text features included! Rich text with quality text features isn't as abundant for 2nd graders as it is for older kiddos. Love that this resource has quality text features!
  3. I Read to Write supports students to READ, THINK, WRITE.
  4. Kiddos are guided from locating and highlighting the evidence, writing their answers to the questions on the sidebar. (READ)
  5. Multiple choice questions are included to assess comprehension/give kiddos practice at answering those kinds of questions. (THINK)
  6. Finally, there are two questions that require kiddos to use higher level thinking skills, to synthesize the information they've read, to respond, using evidence from the text to support their answers. (WRITE)
  7. The writing tasks don't require kiddos write in just one genre: they're able to write in informative, opinion, and narrative.
  8. Truly gives kiddos powerful practice toward success on those next generation assessments. 

This has been so successful with my kiddos that I have already put it on my purchase list for next year. No lie. I encourage you to stop by Zaner-Bloser and check it out. There are levels available for 2nd through 6th. You can even request a FREE SAMPLE and see it first hand!

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