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Dots on Turquoise 2.0

Guess what!! We're getting a NEW HVAC system at school! This is happy, happy news for me.....we have a dinosaur of a system installed waaaaaay back in the 70's....& the cooling part of the HVAC? Yeah....not so much. (I actually have said that I thought my room had actually been built over a portal to H.E.doublehockysticks HA!). Everything has to come down off the walls for the construction this summer. PERFECT time to spruce up my Creative Teaching Press Dots on Turquoise.
Playful Paisley with (top to bottom) Poppy Red Herringbone, Painted Palette Orange Fancy Scallops, & HexaFun Lime Green Mini Hexagons Border

I totally looooove my Dots on Turquoise, but I've found that I've started pulling other colors out........lime I'm also kinda liking that poppy with it!

Right now, I've got the Playful Paisley overlapping the Stitches & Stripes border. I'm super excited about adding a new color to freshen things up!!
I snapped this picture right before I started pulling everything down (3 more days, people! And everything has to be down!). Now that I'm looking at it, I think adding a new color will really brighten everything up!

However................I could totally pair my current Stitches & Stripes with one of them, These look pretty darn cool, too!
Stitches & Stripes with (top to bottom) Painted Palette Ombré Poppy Scallops, Ombré Orange Scallops, Ombré Lime Green Scallops, Ombré Turquoise Scallops Border
Eeek! Now to decide!! They ALL look so good! What do you think? I was totally thinking orange at first. Check out how nice my calendar set looks framed with Painted Palette Orange Fancy Scallops.

I'm also adding in a couple of these Inspire U posters. LOVE the sentiments! And the inspiration!

I'm thrilled to be a CTP Exclusive Blogger this year! Just wait 'til you see what's coming up! This is Creative Teaching Press's 50th Anniversary...& they are planning to celebrate! I'm super excited to share it all with you!

To find these CTP items & more in your local area, check out CTP's store locator.

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