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Prodigy Games Tech Thursday

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio's Tech Thursday. We discovered a pretty sweet website/app (it's on both platforms) about three weeks before the end of the year. Which was awesome, because my kiddos loved it so much they would have done that ALL DAY. SuhWEET! Let me introduce you to Prodigy.....

They love it because they love the game aspect of it....They get to be a wizard (even choose their own
wizard name), they earn wands, robes, pets(!!)...and it's all in a very anime style graphics. The basic premise is appealing to kids. I'm not kidding y'all....they would have played it happily ALL DAY if I'd let them!

Here's why I love it:

  1. It's Common Core aligned - over 600 skills for Grades 1-8.
  2. It's FREE!!
  3. The game starts with a diagnostic assessment...yet it's all within the game format, so kiddos are even then engaged in the game format.
  4. Kiddos progress through the skills at their own pace. Got a kiddo ready for 4th grade skills as a 2nd grader? It automatically will move her up to where she needs to be. Same for a kiddo who needs some lower level skills. It automatically puts kiddos in an appropriate level.
  5. You can CREATE ASSIGNMENTS which are then delivered to kiddos within the game format. You can choose a specific skill, the number of questions, and even a 'due' date. You can assign it to all of your students, or you can CUSTOMIZE them & choose specific students. I used this option mostly for my kiddos who needed some remediation. I'm actually doing Guided Math in my room, & I loved that I could have kiddos continue working on the skill I was focusing on with them in small group!
  6. It has awesome reports!! 
    1. Check this out: on the reports for the assignments you've given them, it shows you who has completed the assignment and their scores. My favorite part?? It also gives you a breakdown for each question: lists the names of those who got it correct...AND it lists the names of those who got it incorrect AND THEIR ANSWER! This lets me see where their thinking went astray....exactly what I need to go back & work on with them. Or -- in the case of a couple of my little sweeties...have a little talk about being responsible & doing your best at all times. "jj? Did you really think jj was a reasonable answer?" 
    2. General Reports: You can check the 
      1. Usage Impact, which will tell you the number of skills kiddos have mastered vs. the amount of time they've spent on Prodigy.
      2. Individual Student Progress - take a look at each kiddo's performance by strand or by topic.
      3. Curriculum - You can check out what skills are on Prodigy that align to what you're working on..& how well kiddos have done on them!
      4. Trouble Spots - it actually lists by skills with a graph of how many have mastered the skill & the number of those who have not. LOVE how it informs my instruction!!
If you do Guided Math, Math Daily 3, or workstations in your room, your kiddos & you will LOVE using this site/app. Give it a try & let me know what you think!

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