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Celebrate Differences!

It's a new class.....
It's time to celebrate our differences & start working together as a team! We like to talk about how we are all different...& we love that we are different....but even with our beautiful differences, we are still TEAM.

That came together beautifully this year!
 Creative Teaching Press has these awesomely gorgeous Color Me Apple Cut Outs. I was so excited when I came across them.....3 different designs that my kiddos could design any way they'd like! See what I mean? All different & all beautiful!

I loved that I would be able to visually show them that......and that even though we're all different....we are all an important part of the team (in this case, an apple tree!)

After everyone had designed their apple, we put up a big ol' tree in the hall & added all the apples. Now, we just needed a terrific TEAM quote to tie it all together.....& came across this one:
"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." ~Stephen Covey

How do you help your kiddos acknowledge & celebrate their individuality and realize that we need those differences in order to become a strong team? I'd love to hear your ideas!!
I'm really happy to be a Creative Teaching Press Exclusive Blogger....they have so many awesome products for the classroom....& teachers are so creative using them! You should stop by Georgia Grown Kiddos & see what Valerie's done with CTP products!
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