#indianab2s DOLLAR SALE!

It was officially 109 degrees in the shade today,,,but here in Indiana, we're getting ready to go back to school! Yup! Only 8 days left for me!

My Hoosier bloggy friends & I decided to SALE-ebrate (see what I did there? haha) with one of our DOLLAR SALES! I love these sales....I always find so many cool products! Peruse the fabulous-ness that's been linked up below....OR type #indianab2s in the search bar over at TpT. There are nearly 100 products linked up!

How about some I Spy Sight Word fun? These are perfect for those first weeks of school! Super easy engagement! Just print....give your kiddos magnifying lenses, & you are golden! I'm tellin' ya....give kiddos a magnifying lens & you've got instant engagement!

And I'm super excited about this one.....R controlled ar, or Phonics Pack is now EDITABLE!! Yep! Now you can type in your own word lists (or print the ready-to-go pages).  This activity pack will pull you through an entire week of workstations. I've included a Sort, Search the Room (a kiddo fave!), Search & Sort, Build a Word, I Spy, and a couple new activities super popular with my kiddos: Spelling Scribble (where art & word study meet!), Cinnamon Roll Spelling, & Swirl a Word  BRACELETS! Stop by & try it out!

Happy Shopping!!