Guided Math Book Study

Summer 2013, we are studying the book Building Mathematical Comprehension by Laney Sammons. Grab a copy of the book, some highlighters, and post-its and put your feet up, and follow along with us! We hope you jump in on the conversations, too!

We've got some great blogger chapter hosts, and you can follow along chapter by chapter by following the links... 

Chapter 1: Comprehension Strategies for Mathematics
 June 8-14
Thinking of Teaching

Chapter 2: Recognizing & Understanding Mathematical Vocabulary
June 15-20

Thinking of Teaching

Chapter 3: Making Mathematical Connections
June 21-26

Teaching with a Touch of TwangMiss Nguyen's Class

Chapter 4: Increasing Comprehension by Asking Questions
June 27-July 2
Curls and a Smile

Chapter 5: The Importance of Visualizing Mathematical Ideas 
July 3-8

Chapter 6: Making Inferences & Predictions 
July 9-13
DillyDabblesKids Math Teacher

Chapter 7: Determining Importance
July 15-18

The Littlest SuperheroesCurls and a Smile

Chapter 8: Synthesizing Information   
July 19-23

Chapter 9: Monitoring Mathematical Comprehension 
July 24-29
Toad-ally Exceptional Learners

 Chapter 10: In the Guided Math Classroom  
July 30-Aug 4



Summer 2012
We're studying the book Guided Math by Laney Sammons. 
Grab your book, some sticky notes, and some highlighters & join us as we explore Guided Math!
There are some great discussions & ideas going on. You can follow the book chapter by chapter by following the links

 June 11th * Chapter 1 - Guided Math a Framework for Mathematics Instruction 
hosted by

Thinking of Teaching 

 June 15th * Chapter2 -  Using Guided Math to Establish a Classroom Environment of Numeracy

June 20th * Chapter 3 -Using Math Warm Ups in Guided Math

June 24th * Chapter 4 - Using Guided Math with the Whole Class
 Sweet Seconds

June 29th * Chapter 5 -Using Guided Math with Small Groups


July 5th * Chapter 6 - Supporting Guided Math with 
Math Workshop

July 10th * Chapter 7 -Conferring with Students During Guided Math

Thinking of Teaching 

July 15th * Chapter 8 - Assessments in Guided Math

 joyin6th Homepage

July 20th * Chapter 9-Putting It Into Practice

A Q & A Session with the author, Laney Sammons