Create More Wall Space!

Welcome to the Bright Ideas Round-Up! If you're looking for a way to maximize wall space in your classroom....I've got a Bright Idea for you!

Wall space is a hot commodity in my room. One wall is half window (yay!), the second is one-fourth SmartBoard (yay, again!), the third is all coat rack...and I completely opened the fourth so what could have been usable wall space is all gone! I desperately needed some additional space to post anchor charts, schedules, and the like.

I had seen this image on Pinterest, & was inspired to give it a try in my room. A quick trip to WalMart to buy the oil drip pan from the automotive department, & Command Strips from the hardware section, & I was in business.

I LOVE the added space that it gives me to post rotation charts, as well as the I Cans and the learning posters and charts that we're working on. If I decide to move it to another space (or heaven forbid...move to a different room! Gasp!)'s as simple as removing the command strips! Voila!
BONUS!! It's also a dry erase surface!! How cool is that?!

What would you use this extra surface for in YOUR room?

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Halloween Math FREEBIE

"Halloween is Saturday this year!" And the teachers all shouted, "Yay!"
I'm not gonna lie...Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year...but it does make for a high-energy day in the classroom! Why not join in the holiday madness with a little academics? We made our Fact Family Haunted Houses. LoVeD it!! My kiddos had so much fun & it was a fabulous activity for them academically since we've just been sort of dabbling in multiplication.  Of course, you can also do them with addition!

They turned out super cute! I do have one little pumpkin who does not celebrate Halloween. Easy adjustment...different color for the house, and people instead of ghosts.

Looking for a super fun Halloween activity that's also academic? You can grab the FREEBIE-- just click the cover!

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Go Noodle! Giveaway, too!

Do you Go Noodle? We LOVE Go Noodle!!

Kiddos need to move...they need that physical activity to help them refocus & get those brains ready to take in new information. Not only that, but it really increases engagement, too! That's a big benefit! I love that you can find clips that are just two or three minutes....just enough time to slip in a quick brain break & regroup for the next lesson/activity.

And it fits in perfectly with Daily 5! At the Daily 5 Conference I went to last spring, The Sisters were very clear about providing kiddos with some sort of movement between each rotation: ring the chimes, bring the kiddos up for some kind physical movement, then go into your mini-lesson. My first thought? GoNoodle! 

GoNoodle fits in with D5 so nicely! After the brain break, kiddos are ready to sit down & participate in the mini-lesson. Works perfectly every time! Pop See Ko is an all-time favorite, but we also like Roller Coaster, Maximo (my personal favorite -- calming activities!) and like to be challenged by Cat Man, too! Do you Go Noodle? I'd love hear some of your class favorites!                                                                I actually got to meet Freckles Sinclair & got my very own Go Noodle shirt over the summer! Boy, were my kiddos jealous when they saw the pic! (It's pretty awesome to get to meet celebrities your kiddos love!) 
Do you Go Noodle? I'd love to hear some of your kiddos' favorites! 
And-- good news! GoNoodle is giving away some swag! Check out this awesome tumbler! And there's lots more Go Noodle swag in their shop, too! How impressed will your kiddos be when you show up to school with a Go Noodle Champ shirt?! Use the code BTSwithGoNoodle for 15% off of everything! 
Just enter your info in the rafflecopter widget down below & cross your fingers! 

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Celebrate Differences!

It's a new class.....
It's time to celebrate our differences & start working together as a team! We like to talk about how we are all different...& we love that we are different....but even with our beautiful differences, we are still TEAM.

That came together beautifully this year!
 Creative Teaching Press has these awesomely gorgeous Color Me Apple Cut Outs. I was so excited when I came across them.....3 different designs that my kiddos could design any way they'd like! See what I mean? All different & all beautiful!

I loved that I would be able to visually show them that......and that even though we're all different....we are all an important part of the team (in this case, an apple tree!)

After everyone had designed their apple, we put up a big ol' tree in the hall & added all the apples. Now, we just needed a terrific TEAM quote to tie it all together.....& came across this one:
"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." ~Stephen Covey

How do you help your kiddos acknowledge & celebrate their individuality and realize that we need those differences in order to become a strong team? I'd love to hear your ideas!!
I'm really happy to be a Creative Teaching Press Exclusive Blogger....they have so many awesome products for the classroom....& teachers are so creative using them! You should stop by Georgia Grown Kiddos & see what Valerie's done with CTP products!
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