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How many days do YOU have left?

So who's counting down to Summer Break! I love my kiddos, but I am definitely looking forward to SUNSHINE & warm weather! We have 40 days left! Wow! This year has flown by!
Check out this cute, cute, cute Summer Countdown signage I've found!
Is this just adorable, or what?!
Hadar over at Outfitted & Inspired is giving this little beauty away. Head on over & check it out!
(Or don't --- 'cause I think this will look just perfect in my room!)


  1. thanks for posting this! your blog is so cute by the way, I am a new follower! :)

  2. Ha ha, it's so easy to start counting down this time of year. I usually have my kiddos tell me how many days we have left during calendar time and see how many can do that mental math. I know some kids can't but it's nice to see who can.

  3. Tiggeriffic: I know! I am HORRIBLE at keeping track of the days! (I usually ask the K teachers when I lose track! LOL).
    Thanks, Hadar!