Listening Center LINKY PARTY!

While stalking exploring a bit last week, I found myself at Michelle Oakes' class website, Fantastic First Grade, and discovered some awesome Listening Center Response Forms free for the printing (Thanks, Michelle!). I like these a lot better than the forms I had been using, & have been acclimating my students to the new response forms.

It got me to thinking about my listening center, how I use it in my classroom, & how all of you use yours....

SO-- I'm hosting a LINKY PARTY! Show me what you've got! How is your center arranged physically in your room? How do you use it or implement it within your day??

Here is a picture of mine: I got the little sofas from Scholastic with my bonus points. LOVE them! And the kids love them too! I like the set-up this year. The CD player is on the flat file behind the sofas. 
I had a wonderful parent who made the red shelf for us last year which we keep between the two sofas and store the headphones, books, listening response forms, & pencils.

As far as management..... groups visit the listening center once per week, so I only need to trade out the stories at the end of the week. I finally hit upon having the kids completely unplug their headphones this year. I'm not real happy with the way they look when not in use, but it SO helps with avoiding that spaghetti mess of cords!

Now it's your turn! Show us your listening center & share your management ideas!
Looking forward to seeing the new ideas!