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What do I do with all of this stuff?!

This is a little scary--- I'm joining in on Mrs. Patton's Organization Linky Party & am going to be opening up my cabinet & closet doors to you. Yikes! Hopefully, it won't be TOO frightening. I worked a bit over spring break to get the mess under rein & have reorganized some. I'm fairly happy with what I have going right now, but it could be better.

I have a row of cabinets above the coatrack in my classroom. In the left, I store literacy materials: the teacher materials that I am not currently using, some literacy games, empty bins, baskets, & organizers, etc.
In the right, I have math materials. There are puzzles, math games, attribute shapes, & some other miscellaneous items. In the black tote, I have the 3D shapes stored.

I am lucky that I have TWO full closets. There is one in my room, & one out in the hall. This is the closet out in the hallway. I have books stored in here-- literature circle sets & other theme/subject book baskets. I like to rotate books in & out of the room...the kids feel like they have something "new" to read in our classroom library. I also have geoboards, empty shoeboxes (collecting them for future projects), empty binders & more of those storage bins. Several of the boxes (& the bags) you see are full of items to be sold at our classroom store.
The closet IN the classroom. This is the one I recently worked hard on organizing. It ended up being the place I just stuffed things. You know, open the door a bit, stuff something in, & hope nothing fell out in the process! LOL
I have cleaning supplies, & paint on the top, along with a tray that has a couple extra sets of those big 'ole headphones for my listening center. Construction paper & craft supplies, books, & some office supplies are housed on the other shelves. On the bottom, I have craft supplies, a tub of border, a big tote full of markers (we only use markers on special/certain projects), & a cardboard box with extra student supplies.

I really love this idea shared with me by a fabulous co-worker. On the very first day of school (or even at open house), we leave a brown paper grocery bag on each child's seat. When they come in that first morning loaded down with all of those supplies, we have them dump everything (except the essentials for the day-- crayons, pencils, pencil boxes, etc.) in the grocery bag.
Then we move all the bags to the side of the room & can deal with all the stuff later. After storing all the tissue boxes, & taking out the things students will be needing daily, the rest can be stored & accessed later as needed. In the bags, then, are the all the extras parents send: extra folders, notebooks. I do community supplies, so all pencils, erasers, & gluesticks are sorted into their own containers.
I store all of the bags in this cardboard box which fits nicely in the bottom of my closet. When students need another folder, I just go to the box, pull out their numbered bag, and we're ready to go. At the end of the year, I put all the stuff they are taking home in the bag & we're good to go!
And there you have it! That's what I do with all of that stuff. Like I said, it's definitely a work in progress, but I think I'm getting a little closer to where I want to be!
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Can't wait to read all the ideas!


  1. I like your idea of putting school supplies into numbered bags for easy retrieval at the end of the year. I'm in a high turnover school (just lost my 14th student of the year)and I need a way to access their supplies at a moments notice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I've lost 9 students since Christmas Break! Another reason I love using the bags!

  3. I love your blog! It's super cute (and not nerdy at all)! I really like your paper bag idea. I'm definitely going to keep it in mind :) As far as organization goes for me, I'm addicted to plastic see through totes. I have them in all shapes and sizes and most are labeled with what's in them. It's so sad how excited I get when they go on sale! ~Tiffany

  4. Thanks! And I know what you mean, Tiffany. I am working on my labels. I just VERY recently got these closets semi-organized. Before Spring Break, they looked like a portal to he**!

  5. I knew you were creative! You inspire me! Because of budget cuts, I'm going back to the classroom. I don't know what grade level yet, but know I need to work on my organizational skills! I like your Literacy/Math cart.Keep up the wonderful work! My email address

  6. Denise, that is so sweet! Thanks for the compliment!