Guided Math Chapter 3 & Webby Wednesday!

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Using Math Warm Ups in Guided Math!

 Here are a few of my thoughts on this chapter...........

 Helping your students warm up before math helps your students "draw on their prior knowledge and bring it into their working memories where it can be easily accessed for extending their understanding of mathematics".Wow. That makes perfect sense....& yet I have never thought about it. Starting math without a warm-up is probably like jumping into cold water & being expected to swim a race! Especially for students who struggle. 

I already do some of the activities that are math stretches. But I don't do them everyday. It's important to stretch every day. "The daily repetition of a variety of similar tasks and the accompanying discussions help students begin to see patterns & make generalizations. SO---- I'm formulating a plan.......
Possibilities for math stretches:
  • Graphing Question of the Day
  • Number of the Day - These are called name collection boxes in Everyday Math. In the past, I had a person in charge of this each day who recorded classmates' responses. I really like Sammons suggestion to have each child write a response.
  • What's Next - completing a pattern. We use a Function Machine (EDM) which supports very similar skills.
  • How Did My Family Use Math Last Night? Helps children make mathematical connections to real life. I love the idea of making this a homework activity one day a week. Another brilliant idea came from Carol at Still Teaching After All These Years on last week's stixy: "Have students and parents add a note to a class stixy as a homework activity! LOVE it!
  • ______ Makes Me Think Of....
Sammons offers a possible Morning Stretch plan for a week. Now, the way my day is structured, my stretches can't be in the morning. Mine will have to be right before we go to recess...

Here's what I'm thinking.....

I'm excited to be coming up with a plan! 

And now on with Webby Wednesday!!
I thought I'd stick with the math theme of the day & share a website that my kiddos like to use during our workstation time. Are you familiar with My kiddos love it.

Click on your grade level & you're taken to a screen that has lots of educational games:

Numbers = math games: number grid games, math facts, number patterns, base 10, & more.

Letters = literacy games that focus on sight words and keyboarding.
There are also Holiday games & more. 

I love that you can differentiate within the website.Children who are ready for some enrichment can click on the next grade level up (or more). Those who need some extra support can click on a grade level that is lower. Click the link & take a look around. Hope you can use this in your classroom!