Guided Math- Assessments

Did someone say "ASSESSMENTS"?
YES-- there is a place and a structure for assessment in the Guided Math framework!

Here are my AHA's....
  • Be clear about expectations & communicate them to students. Students who are made aware of expectations have an easier time identifying important concepts & monitoring their own learning.
Steps for linking descriptions of expectations to learning:
  1. Use a student & parent-friendly language to describe what students need to learn.
  2. When sharing the description with students, connect it to how it relates to success outside of school.
  3. Use that description to guide instruction & assessment.  

  •  Involve students when creating rubrics.

  • Provide descriptive feedback. Research shows this is one of the most effective instructional strategies.  Feedback should be:
  1. "corrective"--let students know WHAT they are doing that is correct or incorrect.
  2. timely
  3. specific to criterion--link feedback back to the criteria for success.

This is what stood out to me when reading this chapter. All probably things at which I need to do better. How about you? Any AHA's? Any things you plan to work at or add to your instruction?

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