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Opinions, please! I am in the midst of making over my classroom with my new color palette & paisley theme......
I'm trolling around Carson-Dellosa online & I've found a couple borders that would work well in my room. Now I can't make up my mind....
The two paisley ones work (but especially the Pretty Paisley one)....but I really like the color scheme of the Eric Carle & Sprocket ones. I think I'm leaning toward either the Eric Carle or Sprocket for my Boggle board that will be on black paper.


What do you think? My Boggle board will be black & the rest of the boards are all light blue.

By the way... I saw tons of other cute borders there, too. Some super cute owls (almost made me want to change my theme!). You can check them out at Carson-Dellosa.
 They've also revamped their site based on feedback from teachers and parents. The new & improved website now has:
  • 5.95 flat rate shipping on all online orders. I'm loving that!!
  • New search feature that makes it easier to browse. They have 4,200 items & now you can browse by keyword, grade, age, subject, learning need, product type, & brand.
  •  Faster checkout
  • You can create wishlists now, too! (I personally love wishlists-- helps me find an item later).
  • And they added social you can facebook, Pin, Tweet, and Google+ items.

So-- which border(s) do you think I should get?


  1. Ok I am a paisley fiend, but I am really loving those sassy sprockets! If you do go with paisley I would choose paisley power:)

  2. I'm definitely a big fan of the sprockets too!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I just saw the sprockets up in another classroom. It looks great (as long as you don't use it everywhere). Super cute!


  4. I like the sassy sprockets the best! Can't wait to see what your room looks like Brenda. :)

  5. I like Sassy Sprockets, but I'm also partial to the Paisley Power (it's my dog's name). =)

    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

  6. I like the sassy sprockets. Can't wait to see pictures!

  7. I think the Sassy Sprockets! Love the colors in it.


  8. Just found your blog... I like the pretty paisley.
    The Hive

  9. I love the pretty paisley myself! There is so much you can do with it.