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Let's Get Acquainted~ I'm Stranded!

I'm joining in the fun with Flying in First Grade's Let's Get Acquainted Linky. For this week's topic, we're stranded on a deserted island . . .what three things would we have to have with us?

Here are mine:

1) An unlimited supply of contacts & contact solution. I would go insane if I had to wear my glasses 24/7! Especially in the heat! Blech!
2) Eyeliner. As the song goes. . ."You're never fully dressed without. . . " Oh. Wait. That was a smile.
Oh, well... . I've got to have my eyeliner or I just don't feel dressed.
3) Oh my gosh.. . . this is the hard one! The last item. So hard to decide. And I'm sure after I'm there I'll be like, "DARN! Wish I'd thought about THAT!" Goodness. Should it be something like a book? It'll probably be boring. Nah. . .I'd be done with that in like two days. Then what?

I suppose I should go with something super useful. How about a SWISS ARMY KNIFE? That ought to come in handy!

Yep. There I'll be. . .my eyes will look great, and I'll be seeing just fine with my contacts and all. . .armed with my handy dandy Swiss Army Knife. 
Oh goodness. 

I hope I'm never stranded on a deserted island!

Make sure you click over the Flying into First Grade and check out everyone who has linked up. I'm sure there'll be better ideas than mine! LOL

Before you click over, though, I want to share my latest update. Check it out. . . 
I updated the graphics and added a couple extra activities. I'm so excited I'm putting it on sale until tomorrow!