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Visual Plans~It's Earth Day & We're Cookin'!

We have such a super, super busy week ahead! Earth Day is a-comin', we're getting ready for our class science fair project, going on a field trip to the Recycling Center, and I have my observation during Math this week. Busy, busy, busy! I've got my visual plans up and ready to go. You'll notice we're doing A LOT with my I've Got Power! Solar Energy Pack. . .not only for Earth Day, but the solar cooking is going to be our science fair project.

There are LOADS of freebies in here this week, friends! In addition to my I've Got Power pack (if you download, please leave thoughtful feedback!),

we're also doing some activities from Tonya's Treats for Teachers' Earth Day Fun Pack (freebie!)

In addition to all the other fun, we're getting ready to start a big fairy tale unit, so we'll be reviewing Fantasy Vs. Reality with this super cute freebie from Tales from a Very Busy Teacher:

Hope your week gets off to a bright start! I'm also linking up with DeeDee Wills' Peek at My Week Linky. Why don't you stop over & check out all the visual plans? I know I always get inspiration from them!
Or better yet, link up your own visual plans!


  1. You have a busy week coming up! We are also getting ready for Earth Day :)
    Learning In Wonderland

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  2. Have fun during your super busy week! Thank you for sharing and giving us all a peek! :) (am I rhyming??)

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  3. My, you DO have a busy week ahead of you! The solar cooking sounds like a lot of fun!
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. Thank you for linking up! I love the idea of solar cooking! I will have to look into that!!!

    Have a great (and busy) week!