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Throwback Thursday! Schwa Anyone?


I'm linking up with Primary Possibilities new monthly linky: Throwback Thursday!
I went all the way back to March 30, 2011. This was only my tenth post ever. How fun to look back & remember what we were doing way back then. Love seeing the smiling faces of these little sweeties who are now big kids in our building!

Posted: March 30, 2011

This week we are studying words that have the schwa sound. You know-- when the letter a sounds like UH (just like a caveman! lol).

I used this poster to introduce the concept, & then we wrote words that have the scwa sound on bones & put them up on the "animal skin" anchor chart. We continued to collect words as we discovered them in our reading.

On Tuesday, we made caveman necklaces! Kiddos wrote schwa words, on the bones, colored the caveman, & cut out all the pieces.

Then, we strung them all on yarn, with pasta in between the bones. They turned out really cute! They had a lot of fun making them, & I think they'll remember the schwa sound for a long time!


Look at those little faces! So sweet!
They've grown, & so has the Schwa Activity Pack. LOL Here's what it looks like now:
Still the same fun activities that we were doing almost three years ago, plus a few more!
I hope you'll stop by Primary Possibilities to check out the Throwback Thursday Linky, So fun to take a look back to see what was happening back then!

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