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Project Based Learning Project - Dinosaurs!

I'm just gonna come right out and say it:
D:D&CMatt Sutton over at Digital Divide and Conquer ROCKS! If you haven't made it over to his blog and become a follower, you'll definitely want to go there now. His posts are so fun! (Head over there and you'll see what I mean!)

He just has some of the coolest items in his store! He's got all kinds of QR Code activities (my kiddos especially LOVE using them for listening station!). He also has some uber cool project stuff!

I teach with Project Based Learning (PBL), so project-type stuff always catches my eye. When I saw THIS cross my feed, I knew I had to have it!
 This project is seriously COOL! It encompasses lots of academic areas (which you can see right there on the cover)...and it includes lots of options for you as the teacher. You can pull the skills/activities that you want your kiddos to experience. It also gives the kids lots of ownership. They can work through at their own pace.

Matt gives some suggestions at the beginning for different ways you might want to set it up. I choose to create a folder for my kiddos to keep their work journals & other artifacts they might create.

Here's the premise of this project -- On an island in the Pacific, a group of billionaires have genetically engineered dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. But something has gone wrong.....all the scientists and workers have disappeared and now the dinosaurs have overrun the island! Your students' task is to solve this mystery...and there are lots of different ways they can go with it, too!

As Matt says in the directions, "Most tasks have multiple levels/styles for the teacher to choose from to allow for differentiation. Plus teachers can choose which tasks they'd like students to try." Just take a look at this Table of Contents....
I just LOVE all the options that are built in here! And that it's designed to be student-centered & student-led! It just doesn't get better than that, folks! I cannot wait until we get to dive into this project. My kiddos are going to be so psyched! I'm going to have a hard time waiting myself! We have student teachers in our room right now, and they're in the middle of their own unit, so I'm going to have to be patient just a little bit longer until I can unveil this awesomeness! They are so gonna flip, though! haha.

I'd love for you to stop over & check out Matt's blog. He's got so many fantastic ideas! And his blog is fun to read, too! If you're not already following, you really will want to!


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