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Back to School Setting Up

Whew! Does anyone else have the B2S Stress?! I'm really feeling it here! My first teacher day & our Meet the Teacher Night is Thursday and school starts with kiddos on Monday! On top of son is getting married on Saturday (SO excited!!), & my daughter also is getting her very first classroom ready, so I've been helping her with that (bulletin boards went up tonight). That's her over there on the left.

Her color scheme is going to be different from mine, so I've been updating a couple of my 'gotta have it in my room' packs for her. Hopefully, I'll get them all uploaded by Tuesday afternoon, but I wanted to share some of the progress with you. Here are the 'gotta have its'.....

Calendar Math Pack. This one product has made a HUGE impact on my kiddos' learning over the past couple years. I developed this pack after reading Laney Sammons' first Guided Math Book. As she suggested,  I took a look at the Common Core Standards & thought about the skills my kiddos typically struggle with or need more practice in. Wow! Was she ever right! It's definitely a gotta have it for any classroom in my opinion! You can read more about it in my original post.

I wanted people to be able to match the focus wall with the room decor, so I the pack has lots of color options in it as you can see in the picture below.

But it doesn't have the colors she's using, so I've been working on a new pack. What do you think?

I'm also working on a brand new Classroom Number Posters Set for her room. Right now, I have Gingham & Pastel and Turquoise, Lime & Pink in my store. The new set is Purple & Black. It's going to be super cute! 

Of course, it's not all about classroom decor! We're also printing out some super easy to prep activities for her (& me!) to use those first few days. My kiddos always LOVE doing these I Spys....I love that they're learning, working on fluency, AND on graphing skills! I also love that you just have to print, grab some magnifying lenses, and you're ready to go! Over the summer, I bundled them all up so that they're more economical to buyers, too. And they're an especially good deal right now, because I am going to be adding to each of these bundles...and when I do, the price WILL go up! If you buy now, it's like getting all the additional packs FREE - you'll just have to download when the new ones are added!

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