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Classroom Improvements #2getherwearebetter

I've been thinking about the tweaks I want to do in my classroom since the last couple weeks of school. I'm excited to be joining with my sweet friends Angie & Ashley for the month's #2getherwearbetter. I'm really looking forward to reading about everyone's ideas for improving their really get some great ideas that way! Here's what I've been thinking....

#1 Move Completely to Daily 5
You've probably already heard me say my school sent me to a D5 training with The Sisters in April & I fell in LOVE! Seriously...came back & started putting it into action the next day! I'm really looking forward to starting it up right from the beginning of the year! For anyone thinking about looking into really is what we're already doing...just put into a framework that makes everything easier. I'm hosting a book study on the 2nd edition. Click the link to check it out a little closer. I promise you'll
love the framework!

#2 Daily 3 Math
Starting out with Daily 3 Math, too! I'm a HUGE fan of Guided Math & I don't think I'll ever stray
from that because it works so well for kiddos...but the structure of Daily 3 works so well as the management piece for the workstations kiddos are doing while I'm with a small group. It really takes away the need for figuring out who's going where when, creating rotation charts, & all of that. It just makes sense & streamlines all of that. I actually do more like a Daily 4. The Sisters' Daily 3 consists of Math by Myself, Math with a Partner, & Math Writing. I'm also adding Math with a Group. I'm also a firm believer in the power of games in instruction, so we'll be keeping that important part of our math instruction.

#3 Tweaking my Color Scheme
Love my Dots on Turquiose, but I'm ready for a a bit of change. You can see in the picture about that I currently pair the Paisley Border with Stitches & Stripes. Luckily, Creative Teaching Press has developed a wide range of products that all interchange & coordinate with each other, so tweaking it is easy! It all had to come down for some construction that's going on in my room, so it's a perfect time to change it up. I'm just adding a hint of lime green & keeping my paisley. Here's what's going up in the room...Playful Paisley & HexaFun Lime Green Mini Hexagons Border.

#5 New Room Design
Jury's still out on this one, but I have a blank slate to work with! I had to go in last week to pick up a book & I took a panoramic of my room as it looks currently....ScArY!
 Everything had to be taken out of my room for the construction, & there will be some small changes (a portion of the wall will be gone, old HVAC unit removed, & built-in shelves in its place). I'm not sure where I'm going to put everything yet, but I've got some great ideas! Stay tuned!

I'm off to check out what everyone else is working on tweaking for next year. Love gathering ideas!

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