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Increase Student Learning with Targeted Review

No matter what you call it, daily math review should be an essential part of your math instruction. It's no secret that students all progress at a different rate. When you finish your unit on expanded notation....not everybody is going to have mastered the concept. That is why you need a daily set time for targeted skill practice. Students need to practice, review, and even extend skills on a regular basis.
Research shows...
  • Students who spent 8 minutes each day on targeted review out-performed students who did not
  • Daily review of homework isn't enough. It doesn't cover comprehensive skills
  • SHORT periods of review are much more effective
  • Increases students' confidence to move to a new concept

Experts Recommend

Skill review that is spread out over time = long-term retention

  • Review right after a concept has been taught helps cement the learning
  • Later review supports re-learning of forgotten skills or information (in my experience - it's usually a step or a part that's been forgotten

Focus on skills or concepts that need to be automatic

  • When basic skills like math facts, place value, or computation steps are automatic, working memory space is freed up for problem solving

Let students know that the skills in the review are essential

  • Set urgency by letting them know that this is not just a collection of tasks: these are topics that they must master 

Deliver daily review to whole group at the same time

  • Problem-solving together more effectively prompts students to apply mathematical thinking
  • Consider starting your mathematics block with a 5-8 minute targeted review

Focus on concepts or skills that are needed for that day's lesson

  • Activating prior knowledge about the concept allows students to free up working memory so the brain can focus on the new learning

Focus on BOTH review skills and those needed for the day's lesson?

  • Consider using a resource that lets you pick and choose or move around the skills that your students need.
  • This one was made to flex along with your students. This lets you both review and front-load concepts. I have found that the quick daily practice of skills like counting money, telling time, and expanded form become almost automatic before we even get to that section in the book! 

I'd love to hear how you provide targeted review for your students! Do you focus on review concepts mostly? Do you front-load material? 

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